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The Red Sea - grilled with wind, filled with sunshine, adomed with coral - it is like placing the south pacific in the traffic. Our local boats will cruise you along the coast, the Dahlak Archipelago and will serve you with fresh sea food prepared the traditional style and wine while your eyes feast on the fragile beauty of the splendour that surrounds you chasing the brightly coloured fish flock such as Chactoduras, Promocantus imperator, Perot fish, Baracudas and friendly Dolphins racing alongside the boat.


adventure tour
Eritrea in 8 days

Day 1: Arrival in Eritrea

Flight from Europe to Eritrea with Eritrean Airlines. Arrival in Asmara international airport, the capital of Eritrea. Transfer to the Hotel.

Day 2: The capital city of Eritrea - Asmara

AsmaraAsmara city tour half a day - visit the local market place, the Orthodox Church, the Cathedral, the Mosque and strawling along city Palm boulevard in a comfortable temperate climate of circa 25C at an altitude of 2340 meters. Here one experiences the exotic African life style mixed with the Italian flair of colonial era of the 18th und 19th century.

Day 3: Keren City - Lowland variety

KerenThis lovely historical city is located 90 kms west of Asmara surrounded by mountain ranges, valleys and Oasis (the life spot for the peasants and their cattle) driving downhill and enjoying the scenery of twisted mountainous roads. The wonderful healthy climate of Keren welcomes everyone and is often called the retreat town for people with reumatism problems. Keren is 1392 meters above sea-level with an average temperate climate of 30C all year round. This town demonstrates a mixture of traditional and contemporary life style. 2 kms noth of the town is the huge Baobabtree hewn church shrine of St. Mariam DeAarit.

Day 4: Massawa - Eritrea's main Red sea port

MassawaThe famous port city is located in the coastal region lowland of Eritrea along the redsea coastline stretching circa 1200kms from northeast to the southeast. In the past centuries this port was a meeting-point of the orient which is witnessed by the traces left behind. One can find here endless sandy beaches and untouched coral riefs and is the future Rendez-vous for scuba divers.

Day 5: The region of the nomads

The coastal line north of Massawa is the dwelling area of the tribe known as Rashaida. They roam around the coastal region with their Camel-herd for existence. Later proceed to Asmara.

Day 6: Debre-Bizen Monastery

Traditional Damera FeastEarly morning drive down 25 kms east of Asmara to Nefasit which is a small village under the foot of the Debre-Bizen mountain 2300 meters high. For a fit climber or trekker, the ascent will take about 2 hours to climb up to the top where the 12th century monastery is situated. The path is considered difficult but not dangerous (women not allowed). Later on proceed to the southern highlands plateau through the spectacular landscapes watching the properly graded escarpment against erosion. The highest mountain in Eritrea lies here and is known as Amba Soira 3010 meters high.

Day 7: Tracing back the ancient history of the Axumite Kingdom

In the southern Eritrea lies the most famous cultural and historical ancient civilization which dates back more than 3000 years. The archeological excavations of Matara and Quohaito, the Obelisques and cave paintings witness this era.

Day 8: Free day

Free day - at about 22:00 hrs transfer to the Airport for departure.


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